Day 1 of the 9 wk Challenge EA Active Sports 2

So first I had to set up my account and create my body type with EA Active Sports 2 and it was hilarious that I got to choose my behind shape!

It was disappointing there was not an option for my type of hair. I decided to start with medium level atleast for the first 2 wks. I havent worked out in a few months so I didn’t want to do to much. My hubby on the other hand decided to start with intense workouts.

I liked that you can program it to do workouts on the days you want to do it.

I weighed myself and surprisingly I am lower than what I thought I was at but I would like to shed  50lbs between now and next June of 2013. My hubby and I renew our vows at 10yrs.

So here I am on day one. I did a 14 min. work out and it was hard. I like that at any time we know what our heart rate was and I liked the cool down.

I had 14 activities and only 2 were repeats as ways to help you stay involved.

So until next time Day 2. If you are working out tell me in a comment below what your workout goal for 2012 is whether its to lose weight or its to maintain an excersise routine.

Pict. of me Day 1!


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