Crayola Crayon Giveaway!

7/23 School Supply Giveaway: Crayola Crayons

Open to US and Canadian residents and you must be 18yrs of age to enter. To enter simply leave a comment below telling me Whether you still color as an adult! I do on occasion but mostly only with my children!

You have until 1pm EST to comment and winner will be chosen shortly after using and announced. Winner will have 24 hrs to claim their prize.

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39 Responses to Crayola Crayon Giveaway!

  1. christina ferris says:

    Thanks for te chance

  2. Maryann Drapkin says:

    I still color with my nieces and nephews. It is very relaxing!

  3. Kristina E says:

    I have started coloring more now that my kids like to color. I’m even thinking of making our halloween costums as crayons this year – not sure if my hubby will go along with it though!

  4. amanda j boyd says:

    I still love Crayola and coloring with my daughter =) Thanks for the offer!

  5. Kelly says:

    Of course i still color! My daughter is in high school and still uses crayons and markers for her high school projects. You are never too old to color.

  6. Stephanie says:

    I color with my 2 girls the most my 3 yr old just started getting into coloring & she keeps breaking the crayons & peeling off the paper for fun- lol

  7. ericka coello says:

    I color with my son and we use Crayola!

  8. Robin says:

    I still color sometimes,however i color with my children which is a great way to spend quality time being creative connecting as u bond with ur children…;)

  9. Janelle S says:

    Yes we all still color in our house. Husband is in college and took an anatomy class last semester that required him to “color” the diagrams. We also have a 2 yr old and a 5 yr old that color. 2 yr old with the thick crayons but 5 yr old will only use markers or color pencils. not sure why.

  10. Tara Donahue says:

    I love to color. I find it therapeutic. Unfortunately my boys don’t sit still long enough to do much coloring, but I often find myself still sitting there while they have moved on to other things!

  11. Tina B. says:

    I love to color with my niece and nephews…I hope they will remember our time coloring together and smile.

  12. Melissa Lawler says:

    I love to color! Sometimes I will color at work.

  13. Natalie Simich says:

    I love to color and always color the place mats at Eat N Park!

  14. stacey says:

    I love to color. My 4 yr old and I color all the time!!

  15. Kristi Bishop says:

    i still color with my kids and sometimes without them =)

  16. Carly says:

    I definitely still color. During grad school, a big group of my friends would get together with some crayons and coloring books. We would color and drink and talk – it was very relaxing. Now, I love to color with my daughter!

  17. Katherine B. says:

    I do still color but only with my son! =)

  18. Homemom3 says:

    My kids love coloring and crayons has been a big savior for me with a month in hotels. It keeps the kids busy with their art work while I do homework. I also love the smell of new crayons, not sure why.

  19. tara healey says:

    I still color with my children ..We enjoy it several times a week together ..Thank you for the chance :)

  20. Suzanne DS says:

    yes, I still color. I have a lot of coloring books :)

  21. Brandy says:

    I have my own set of crayons and pencils set aside so the children don’t break them.

  22. Valerie Arnold says:

    Yes, usually with my sons, but every once in awhile I will color all by myself :)

  23. Nan Bixby says:

    I love to color but have not in a few years since my youngest quit doing it. Now the grandkids are starting though :)

  24. donna peters switzer says:

    yes, I still color with my children. Especially at Holiday times or when we are making crafts/projects.

  25. dana ward-haworth says:

    absolutely i color! i will always color! i love it… its fun and relaxing…:)

  26. Paula Gail Holler says:

    I color with the kids all the time! We color at restaurants to keep them in check. We color on rainy days. Occasionally I color alone if I’m super bored, but I usually get company. I have a new app for my Nook and the kids color when we have to wait at the doctor’s office. I also keep crayons in my purse just in case we have to wait in line at amusement parks, etc.

  27. heidi overley says:

    Of course i still color w/my kids & nieces & nephews.

  28. Nicole Rea says:

    My daughter and I color together all the time. I’m also a toddler teacher at a daycare center. We color EVERYDAY! I love my job. :-)

  29. Sara K says:

    I still like to color with my grandchildren and my students. I also color for my classroom.

  30. Roseanne Alonso says:

    I love to color with my girls! I find it so relaxing!

  31. Heather Adams says:

    I color with my little girl all the time. I’m a teacher so I still get to color at school too!

  32. Shawna bonnayer says:

    I love to color. Helps me to relax. Kids wil joy in sometimes but they r more into fishing and video games.

  33. Shar Wade says:

    I am a teacher, parent, and grandparent, so I do color just a little bit :)

  34. Mary Garrett says:

    Still love to color. I teach preschoolers at church and always have a picture or something to color.

  35. Theresa says:

    I color with the kids but have found myself cleaning up the game room when the kids are at school and sitting down and coloring by myself… stress reliever LOL

  36. Diana says:

    i love coloring w my kids

  37. Jennifer Victorian says:

    I love to color. I find it very relaxing! :)

  38. carrie highlander says:

    i color with my baby girl. our favorite color is blue.

  39. Maclean says:

    I still color with my children…for homework projects or sitting in a restaurant!