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Q- Should I clip all the coupons even ones I won’t use?
A- No, clip only if you plan to give them to someone who will use them. You can also join a coupon train and place them in when it comes to you.
Q – Is there a way to trade coupons?
A – WeUseCoupons.com has a trading but you have to signup and have 50 posts before you can trade.
Here at MSM we are working with contributors on something we can use to help others trade coupons. I just posted earlier today about a coupon train. If you are interested in joining one email your First and Last Initials and mailing address to and you’ll be added to a coupon train.
Q – What is the best way to collect coupons?
A – Sunday inserts, or printables from blogs and coupon sites. Many products like Ziploc and certain food items have coupons on the boxes or inserted in the box. You can always dumpster dive! I like to go through the self check outs and look through the trash cans, recently I pulled out over $40 worth of coupons and several were for free items.
Q – What is the best way to organize coupons?
A – There are many ways.
a.       You can separate your coupons by expiration date and by non food items and food items.
b.      You can separate them according to the isles of the most shopped grocery store. You can find a store layout usually at the front of the store. Most have print outs available.
c.       You can also separate them by manufacture coupons and store coupons as well as general sections like frozen foods, canned foods, boxed foods/snacks, etc.
Q – How do I currently organize my coupons?
A – I converted an empty Huggies diaper wipe container and made tabbed sections using white cardstock. I then separate all my store coupons into their own sections. My front most section is coupons I will use on my transaction I will be going and doing that day. Behind that section is 4 sections to my most shopped at stores; Kroger, Target, CVS, and Walgreens. Then I have all my coupons separated in sections according to the isles of Kroger since that is where I do most of my shopping. At the back I have two sections one for food and one for non food items. These sections are for the coupons that have been clipped but not sorted.
I have all my non clipped inserts and printables along with a steno notebook, scissors and wallet in a converted diaper bag that my diaper wipe coupon container fits nicely in.
This is what I do now but I hope to get back to the binder method because it worked better for me but does take more time and effort but so much more easier to shop with and I still plan on putting my binder in my converted diaper bag because I like all the pockets I can easily separate my receipts by stores especially since this year I plan on keeping track of everything I spend.
If you have any coupon questions for me to answer please feel free to email at .

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