Coupon Chat 1/20/11

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Q & A 1/ 20/11 Coupon Chat
Q -I went to do the stayfree deal at walgreens when they had the $3 off Walgreen Coupon and I had a B1G1 free coupon. so they cost 6.74 each. but when i gave the guy my coupons he took the $6 off for the Walgreen q then he said he could only take 3.74 off because that’s how much they cost now. The online version of it was getting it almost free.
A – always give the manufacture coupon first and then the Walgreens because they can adjust the Walgreens easier but not the manufacture. The thing about Walgreens is the price online is typically cheaper than in store but they make up for it in shipping
Q -How much do u typically save each week using coupons? does that budget include diapers, wipes, etc
A -I typically save about 50% a week but actual cost I spend around $50 unless its a special week like this last one I had a birthday for a child so it was more but I only have a budget of $250 a month. yes my budget includes all paper products and diapers and wipes
Q- Do you go to one store or several?
A – I have 3 stores I go to and I typically go 2 times a week. if I really need something I will go Sunday night but all the shelves are bare when I get there so I typically go on Tueday night and then again Saturday night especially if I need to get rainchecks
Q- How long did it take you to start seeing the 50% savings?
A- about 4 months
Q – Do u plan ur meals with the sunday paper or do u already have a meal plan in place?
A – nope. I kinda fly by the seat of my pants I really need to and that is one of my plans this year
I have 3 kids 4 and under and they are really picky eaters so I keep it simple I know a few things I can count on that they will eat. Mac & Cheese, Hotdogs, Hamburgers, Chicken nuggets, Steamed broccoli with cheese, Chesse slices, Any fruit canned or fresh, any type of bread, stuffing and most noodles. I still spend the most on drinks, diapers and paper products
Q -Diapers kill my budget even with store brands. Any suggestions?
A – I think you just have to stock up when you find good deals so you aren’t paying full price.
I roll my RR so I use those along with coupons to buy Huggies. Although I am running low and I have 1 potty training which pullups are more expensive but the preschool he goes to requires the huggies pullups because of the velcro any this week I had to go get CVS brad which are ok but the velcro comes off to easy.also Walgreens will mark down the pullups about every 3 months or so to $4.99
Q – Is there a card for discounts at Walgreens
A – no card for Walgreens
Q – Do you need a card for Rite Aid?
A – Yes, you need a wellness card.
Q As an example for the sale this weekend at CVS for the Xtra detergent, the ad says limit 4. Does that mean using my card I can only buy 4 the whole week, or 4 per transaction at that price?
A each one is different sort of. I have a CVS here that the cashier will allow for each transaction but she also keys it in so I know that isn’t how its suppose to work. Its suppose to be limit per card or address
Q  Does family dollar accepts coupons?
A – Yes family dollar does take coupons, you can even combine family dollar and manufacturer coupons
Q – where is publix?
A – Publix in the southern eastern states like Fl, AL I think there are some in NC and SC
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