Cars 2 in Theaters Friday June 24th

Cars 2 is coming out Friday June 24th

Who is excited? I sure am probably more than my kids, so let me tell you why.

About 2 years before Disney Cars came out I was on a romantic date with my hubby at the time we had only been married a year or so. We went and watched a movie at the theater and I have no idea what movie it was!!! Oh well.

Anyway I saw the preview for Cars and I was so thrilled and was just so excited my hubby thought I was crazy, I probably was and still am.

Well if you didn’t know Cars original release date was postponed because of the death of Joe Ranft one of the directors, from a car crash in 2005. The movie was released June 9, 2006.

I was also pregnant during the time they promoted the movie and its new release date. Well like many pregnant women I had a craving and it was not a normal craving! I crave McDonald’s Chicken Nugget Kids Meals and guess what? During the time of March I found out I was expecting my first child the McDonalds toy was all the Disney Cars so I practically collected all of them.

Never did I know my two boys favorite cars to play with are those Happy Meal toys. Disney Cars has
become a family affair. My son’s 2nd birthday was Cars when Disney announced the making of the 2nd movie so here we are now and that same son is almost 5 and we have been awaiting Cars 2.

We will be celebrating Friday June 24th in Disney Cars gear. All my kids clothes are already set aside for the special day. My son’s room is decorated in Cars gear and we are all excited for the movie.

This will be one of those movies I will stand in line on the release date to be first to get it!!! Thankfully Disney will release at least a $5 off coupon for the DVD. We have gone through 2 yes that is correct 2 DVD’s of the first Cars because it is an all time favorite in our house!  So if you plan on watching Cars in theater go check out Budget Savvy Diva. She has an awesome post about ways to Save Money at the MovieTheater.

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