Book Review: The Psychology of Wealth

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Recently I was given the chance to review the Pychology of Wealth by Charles Richards and I have to say I was taken back several times throughput the book but in a good way.
Richards starts out with the foundation of wealth and what it means and how an individual determines wealth differently Than another individual. The ultimate goal is still the same.
Some common steps that Richards mentions to help a person think about their debt include asking yourself if you need or want an item?, avoid binge shopping by putting purchases on hold, if you forget or find yourself not needing the item than you save yourself from a regretful purchase, always make goals and not diviate too much from them.
Richards also focuses on the power of giving back and living consciously, a fan recently told me about her 7 day rule which you can read here. briefly the 7 day rule for her was if she bought something and didn’t have a use for it in 7 days it was not needed in her life and helped her never having to declutter. In the same Dr. Richards says that you need to be aware of your belongings their value and what is gained and if they aren’t doing any good then get them out of your life.
If you are serious about changing your life around about your finances and living a life of financial freedom then This book is for you. Even if you want some inspiration on how to be more financially wiser you’ll want to check this book out.

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