Book Review: Harriet Beamer Takes The Bus

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What a humorous and wonderful book. Do you know of someone in their older age want to be independent like your parents but the mother hen in you comes out when they even suggest going on a road trip? In the book, Harriet Beamer Takes the Bus by Joyce Magnin is just that. Harriet who seems unlikely to live without assistance is determined to take a trip to see her son and his wife but only by public transportation and has one adventure after another; she makes her trip from Philadelphia to California.

This is such a great read and you will not want to put it down. Her adventures seem so unlikely but you will be laughing and teary eyed the whole way thru!

Joyce Magnin has written other novels including the popular and quickly Bright’s Pond Series and the novel Carrying Mason.

Harriet Beamer Takes the Bus by Joyce Magnin released Late April 2012, published by Zondervan and can be found on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

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