Book Review: Anything the prayer that unlocked my God and my Soul by Jennie Allen

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As I have grown deeper in my walk with Christ I know during my high school years there were times were I felt I had no faith. Realizing now that even though I felt God wasn’t there, he was I was just so wrapped up in wordly concerns I failed to listen and know He was there.

In Jennie Allen’s book Anything the prayer that unlocked my God and my Soul show how down to earth and how real she is. Just like me she had struggles with her relationship with God. Allen was honest and spoke from her heart.

Allen spoke of a professor from one of her classes that mentioned many who study the Bible will never find God. Having gone to a Christain University myself I also was taught that not everyone who studies the Bible will find God. Allen has opened her eyes and realized the reality of God.

Thru a simple prayer Allen and her husband prayed a simple prayer. They learned to open their hearts and trust God with Anything. What if we give God everything? What if we gave up our hearts desire? He will show us a way to find freedom and a mission for His Glory. What is your Anything?

Open your heart and allow God to use you. We all have the capablilty of being used by God. Allen’s book will help you realize for yourself how to do that. Are you willing to take the journey. Be sure to check out and upload your picture!

You can purchase this book on Amazon HERE or at Barnes and Noble HERE.

Allen’s book was relased in early April. She is an Alumni of Dallas Theological Seminary. Allen is married to her husband Zac and has four kids with her latest addition adopted from Rwanda. For more information on this Book  you can visit here.

This book was provided to me by the author or PR Agency representing the the Author. This post is written by me and in no way was influenced by anyone or company.

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