Book Review and Giveaway: A Good Wife’s Guide 5/22-5/26

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In the book, there is a clear theme sacrificial love for your family. Through out the book, she discusses how to love and serve your family.  She explains different but common ways such as maintain a clean house or knowing when to stop cleaning and to spend time with your children. She makes a point of saying that is important to serve your family joyfully. Many of us, hear that we need to clean our homes and take care of our children and my first thought is “But I have to work and I am so tired when I get home.” She does point out that this principle is important whether your are a stay at home mom or a working girl. Other key points were knowing what things on our time we can change or cannot change. Making our family a priority should dictate what demands on our time we change. An example of this would be if we have to take care of a sick child or parent, cleaning is not going to be a priority and may not get done at all some days.  Being a good wife is a conscious act, we do not just wake up one morning with the perfect life with a perfectly clean house and everyone smiling and skipping off to school/work. Being willing and actually get up early to make lunches and to make sure backpacks are ready is a conscious effort. Have a presentable house and making your husband a priority is a conscious  effort. A theme through out the book is sacrificial love. Being willing to give up sleep or giving up things we want to make sure our husband and children have what they need is part of making your family a priority.

I thoroughly enjoyed the book. Several points made in the book made me examine how I treat my daughter and husband. I found ways to serve them and how to do it joyfully without complaint. I am like the majority who feel they do not meet the expectations we set for ourselves. This book showed me that I am doing the best I can to do what I have to for my family.

So if I tell you any more then I will give the book away but trust me you will want to read this so guess what I will be giving away 5 ebook copies of A Good Wife’s Guide. You can find more about the book HERE.

If you are excited to read this book as I was then you can et the eBook for $2.99 on Amazon HERE.

This book was provided to me by the author. The comments were not influenced by anyone or company.

Thanks to Jewell for the review.

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