Boise State Touchdown for $5 off Krazy Qupon Binder Covers

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So I am a HUGE Bronco fan and always will be! I am originally from Caldwell, ID and had attended several academic and athletic camps at Boise State University. More than half of my graduating class has attend BSU. Also its my mother Alma Mater so I will always consider myself from the Bronco Nation not to mention most of my family is there.

Now on to the good stuff. Every week the Broncos play and score a touchdown we will be giving away a $5 off coupon for the Krazy Qupon Binder Covers. These fit 2-3 in Standard binders and are made by hand by Crafts From the Heart. Currently this week they are on sale at a 20% off so they are priced $15.98 plus $4.25 Shipping. So if you win a $5 off coupon you will get yours for less than $16 that is awesome.

Also I need to mention no to are alike! They are hand made and Melissa from Crafts From The Heart is a big believer in making everything unique and none alike.

So here is the simple entry. Just be a fan on Moms Saving Money Facebook and enter your email and name and thats it. There is always bound to be more than one winner as Boise State scores more than once a game!

Thanks for being a fan!


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