Be Coupon Wise: Week 3 – What is a Blinkie Coupon Dispenser?

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Q – What is a Blinkie Coupon Dispenser?

A – A Blinkie Coupon Dispenser can be found at stores that accept coupons!

I have never been to a store that has a blinkie coupon dispenser that doesn’t accept coupons! You will find these coupon dispensers mostly in grocery, drug or dollar stores. They are red or black plastic dispensers that have a red or clear flashing light that hold  manufacture coupons the size of 2.5 x 2 inch coupons. They dispense 1 at a time and are located near products that coincide with the coupon. The coupons often times are higher value coupons that those found in the Sunday inserts and typically go fast. Please be mindful of how many you take.

Always be sure carry your store coupon policies with you.

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