Be Coupon Wise – Week 12: What is a Rain-check?

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Q – What is a Raincheck?

A- A Raincheck is a paper from a store for a sale on a product that is out of stock. You can use the Raincheck to your advantage by waiting for the restock and potentially having a high value coupon to go with the sale of your Raincheck. Because couponing has increased, you run the risk of of self clearers beating you to an awesome sale and this is when you want  to get a Raincheck. Rainchecks help you get a great deal on a product at a later date. Not all stores give raincheks so be sure to ask at costumer service. Stores have specific guidelines for rainchecks for instance Kroger rainchecks expire 30 days from the issue date, while Walgreens and CVS rainchecks are good for a year from issue date. Rainchecks will state issue date, product name, size and quantity.

Always be sure carry your store coupon policies with you.

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