Be A Blessing – Project 2, Week 2

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Be a Blessing to Others – Superpoints Referral/Share Contest

So I have been talking about new changes coming to Moms Saving Money, some of which you have already seen while others are still to come. I haven’t posted the 2012 New Years Goals for Moms Saving Money but one of them is to help others. My motto is helping others save money and now we are taking that one step further. We are going to be a blessing to others in 2012.

Here is how it works.

Because finances are tight for many people we are offering a way to help that doesn’t cost you any money and you get to be a blessing to others. This is why we will be using Superpoints to help with that.

I recently was able to help a friend and his family in a tragic time with your help. They lost their daughter to a horrible accident and have set up a memorial fund in her name. My hubby and I matched what was raised from Superpoints last weekend and made a check out for $28. It’s not much but we know it will be a blessing and it goes along way.

Each Month or couple of weeks we will be selecting a family or individual to help with your help. I know you can think of someone who can use a blessing. So here is how it will happen, below is a list of my invite codes, one per household, be sure verify your account and fill out your basic information. Every time you win a superpoint lave a comment below with time and date. Everytime you share this post or refer a person to use my invite and join Superpoints you/they are helping out the current cause and you get to fill out the form below, nominating a person or family for us to help next.

Each week on Monday a winner will be selected using Winner wins the ability to have 4 Superpoints codes promoted for the week and 50 Cut coupons (if desired). (Note: I cannot guarantee your codes will be claimed by the end of the week but I will do my best!) This contest is not sponsored or affiliated with facebook. This contest is not sponsored by Superpoints nor is responsible.

As for how I will choose to help out next will be entirely by the most nominations along with verifying it is a legitimate need and we can all help.

For the next couple of weeks we will be raising $100 for a Friend I have known going on 11 yrs. I met him and his wife at college when they were dating. My friend is from another country and is seeking citizenship in the US. If you know anyone who has gone thru the process then you know it is a hefty chunk of change just for the application. Although our goal of $100 is minimal to the cost that him and his wife will be coming up with together we can be a blessing and help. So far raised to date is $37.75

Will you join me? In 2012 I hope to help a minimum of 12 individuals or families. If one of the following invites is taken move on to the next until you find one that works. Thank you all for helping.

Enter this Form when you have shared this post and to Nominate a person or family to be blessed and to enter whom you referred click HERE

Last Weeks Winner is Tracy M. she has already been contacted
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