Association of Children’s Museum Reciprocal Program

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I’m posting this because I think its an Amazing deal and am reminded each time we use our membership.

Association Children’s Museum Reciprocal Program.

Do you have a Children’s Museum in your area? Earlier this year my husband and I decided to purchase a year membership for our family at our local Children’s Museum. The cost of was pretty high or atleast to us but we have definately used it alot and its like each time we go is completely free.

A Couple month ago we were looking at the pamphlet and learned about the Reciprocal Program for an additional $20 for us we were able to add an unlimited number of guest to join us and we get entrance to over 150 other Children’s Museums that participate in the program. We have used our membership over and over this year and plan on purchasing another year membership when ours expire. It’s pretty steap cost at first but over a years time you will be able to see how much you save.
I encourage you to check it out and see if this is something you think you and your family would enjoy.

Click here for more information and locations.

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