How to Shop at Kroger

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How to Shop at Kroger

1. Shop the sales.

2. 50 cent coupons double to a dollar.

3. Use B1G1 coupons.

4. Get a Kroger card and go online to add ecoupons from Kroger and from

5. Scan the isles for coupon dispensers.

6. Carry a Kroger coupon policy with you on your shopping trip.

7. Make a list of your purchases so you don’t deviate from it.

8. Carry a weekly ad with you while you shop.

9. You can use one Kroger coupon and one Manufacuture coupon per item. Be careful the Kroger coupon says Kroger Coupon on it and not Manufacture with a Kroger redeemable symbol.

10. Check the Current Catalina Deals before you shop.

11. Comparison shop before you impulse buy. Something may seem like a great price but may be even better somewhere else.

12. 10/$10 sales do not mean you have to buy ten same items or even ten participating items to get the deal.

13. Deals requiring you to buy a certain amount to get a certain amount off means you have to follow those guidelines to get the deals.

14. Check the trash bins near the register for coupons others have thrown out.

15. Do not leave expired coupons buy the products. Please throw them away.

16. Find the clearance area of your store and see if there are any great deals.

17. Ask a sales rep when they mark down items if you don’t already know. These will be marked with specail Manager’s Special Sticker.

18. Shop when it is less crowded to get the best deals and less hassle for you.

19. Double check your reciept always before leaving to make sure all your coupons and discounts are accounted for.

20. Keep your reciept so you can see the lowest price you paid for items. These tend to cycle anywhere between 8-12 weeks.


How to Shop at Kroger — 1 Comment

  1. I learned yesterday that if you have downloaded ecoupons to your card, you can’t use manufacture coupons too and the ecoupons don’t get doubled! This really messed up my shopping trip! Lesson learned!

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