Are you on a Coupon Train? Status Update 2/9

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Ok over the past 2 weeks life has gotten incredibly crazy and I still feel like I am coasting. Well things have gone to the waste side and I have to say I am doing my best to hold it all together.

If you didnt know my mother was admitted to the hospital about 2 weeks ago. She has phnuemonia plus her kidneys were shutting down so now she need dialsys 3 times a week and hopes to go home on Friday 2/10.

She is a walking miracle 2 times over. 2 yrs ago she had 2x phnuemonia, suffered strokes while in a medically indused coma because of the H1N1. She had to re learn to walk and talk. Anyway she shouldnt have lived but she did. This time it was as bad but her kidneys just about failed completely so long story short my mother is doing better but that has meant life had to stop and rearrange itself so I have been gone alot and my house is suffering, my kids and I are stressed and we are all ready for Nana to go home.

So with that these coupon trains were to go out on 2/3 but will be going out 2/10 there is still a few spots open but I cant guarentee when they will go out.

List for Blog


Train #1

PS 1 – K. M.
Clarksville TN
PS 2 – B. M.
Elkhorn City, KY


Train #2

PS 1 – N. F.
Plainview, TX
PS 2 – H. G.
Indianapolis, IN


Train #3

Ps 1 – C. J.
Walterboro, SC
Ps 2 – D. L.
Hampton, VA


Train #4

PS 1 – J. M.
Rockville, MD
PS 2 – N. P.
Hampstead, MD


Train #5

PS 1 – C.W.
Silver Spring, MD
PS 2 – K. T.
Bayville, NJ


Train #6

PS 1 – R. H.
Duluth, GA
C. G.
El Paso, TX

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