Acts of Random Kindness 2/17 5pm EST Only!

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Today many companies are celebrating Acts of Random Kindness so here on MSM we want to do the same. Each hour from 5pm -10pm Est on 2/17 we will be showing our Acts of Random Kindness around the web. Its simple just follow the instructions for each hour come back to the hourly post and leave your comment on completing your Act of Random Kindness. Thats it!

What you will enter to win is 25 cut coupons. Each hour will have a winner. To win you must complete the task. If you complete all 6 tasks you will be entered to win $5 Paypal Cash Plus 200 Cut Coupons at the end of the night. Winners will be verified and checked. Winner of the $5 Paypal Cash will have 24hrs to respond to claim their money. I would like to send it on our as quickly as possible so be sure to check back around 11:15pm EST for winner to be announced. All Winners will be announced around 11:15pm EST

Each Task will be posted each hour but you will have until 11:00pm EST to complete all six tasks.

Task #1 – Visit The Victoria Chart Company LLC on Facebook and leave a nice comment. It can be of anything like thanking them for having Charts for parents to help their kids learn and grow. Or it can be a sweet comment as “Hope you are having a great day Victoria and Karen”

Your comment MUST include: Inspired by @ MomsSavingMoney to share #ActsofRandomKindness

- The @ symbol helps you tag Moms Saving Money in your post which makes it easier to verify your task.

While you are there be sure to check out their FREE Stuff tab

When you are done come back to this post and simply leave a comment saying you completed this task.

Your comment must be left on this blog post in order for it to count. No comments left on the facebook post will count.

If you would lke to suggest of ways you are inspired to do other Acts of Random Kindness I would love to hear them. Please email me at

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  1. Tricia Batchelder says:

    Completed task #1