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How I organize my Coupons.

I have converted an empty Huggies Diaper Wipe Container and cut out dividers from Cardstock I already had.
I cut out about 30 dividers. Then I picked up a store map of my favorite place to shop and the place I visit most often – Kroger.
I took paper and pencil and started creating a list of items I typically buy and marked them on the floor plan.
I go from one end of the store to the other end and then check out.
So here are my categories
#1 slot – My current coupons for my planned out transactions
#2 slot – Soon to expire coupons
#3 slot – Kroger includes coupons sent to me in the mail and catalinas. Any coupons I have to redeem at Kroger only. I will also put in any rain-checks I get from Kroger.
#4 slot – Walgreens includes Register Rewards and IVP booklets
#5 slot – CVS includes Extra Care Bucks, ECB Coupons from machine, Printed CVS coupons from CVS site.
#6 slot – Target web coupons and Register print out coupons. Gift Cards and Rain-checks
Ok now for my Kroger Layout
#7 slot – Fresh Fruits/Vegetable, Salads, Nuts Coupons
#8 slot – Canned Vegetable
#9 slot – Canned Fruit/Boxed Foods
#10 slot – Sobe/Vitamin Water/Juices
#11 slot – Snack Crackers/Seasonal
#12 slot – Condiments/Rice/Noodles
#13 slot – Baking Goods/Mixes/Syrup
#14 slot – Dry Cereal/Oatmeal/Cereal Bars
# 15 slot – Meats
#16 slot – Baby Products
#17 slot – Paper Products/Soaps/Detergents
#18 slot – Health and Beauty
#19 slot – Snacks/Chips
#20 slot – Frozen Dinners/Breakfasts
#21 slot – Ice Cream
#22 slot – Drinks/Soda
#23 slot –Refrigerated Drinks
#24 slot – Bread
#25 slot –Yogurt
#26 slot – Cheese
#27 slot – Butter
#28 slot – Pillsbury
#29 slot – Medicine
#30 slot – MISC.
#31 slot – Restaurants
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