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A Time to Embrace

The book was about a high school football coach and his family. The coach also taught at the school and was a role model for students. The story takes place over a time of nearly a year. Anyone who has ever played competitive sports in high school understands the pressure a coach is put under by his team, their parents and the school administration. Coach Reynolds had been teaching and coaching at Marion high school since 1985. With a recent thought about divorce the previous year coach John Reynolds was now considering resigning as coach. He knew in the back of his mind that the administration would probably be firing him soon.

It all happened so quickly; life changed. Coach Reynolds was still working late one night and was packing up getting ready to head home, just down the road from the school when all of a sudden as he pulled out of the parking lot he saw a bright light. He was a victim of street racing and was in an accident caused by one of his very own football team player.

A Time to Embrace is about Coach Reynolds and his wife Abbey’s journey through this horrific time in their live. The book was incredible and brings tears to you when reading. The outcome is very pleasant and thought provoking to the point it encourages a person to think differently about their life and how quickly it can change.

I would recommend this book to others who like a good read and want to be inspired.

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