14 Ways to Save Money as a Mother/Mother-To-Be

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14 ways to save as a Mother/Mom to be

1. Sign-up with Pampers Gifts to Grow Rewards.

Did you know you can earn free rewards such as pampers, diapers and other great items. The first moment you know you are pregnant or even if you are a grandmother signup for an account and collect those points to redeem. You can find them on the Pamper products as well as their newsletters. Often times with Catalina’s or other offers you can add to your account for more points. I really wish I had known prior to my first child about this program I would have started sooner and save so much. Also getting those coupons from the company also saves you some money from
having to buy a paper with those coupons. To sign-up with Pampers Gifts to Grow
Rewards go HERE.




2. Sign-up with Huggies.
Similar to Pampers program you get codes from the products as well as their
newsletters and other offers. It’s really simple and in the long run saves lots
of money. You can redeem for diapers, pull-ups and other great children’s items
including Gerber products you can also enter sweeps and win Gift cards. My
favorite was when I won a $50 Target Gift Card. To sign-up with Huggies go HERE.

3. Utilize Gerber Coupons.
Had I known that Gerber puts out coupons on their baby food and toddler snacks
I could have bought those items cheaper or at the same price of the store
brands. To sign-up for their promotions go HERE.
They also put out coupons for Gerber clothing. To find what is available go HERE.

4. Use Coupons that will Double.
Find stores that will double coupons $.50 or even more if you are lucky! I like
using $.50 Huggies Diaper Wipes coupons on the $1.99 On The Go packs that are
72 ct at Kroger. My $.50 coupon doubles to a $1 and pay $.99 each. That is
cheaper than the cheapest at Wal-mart!

5. Use Store Rewards. Use
Extra Care Bucks (ECB), Register Rewards (RR), Catalinas to help lower the
cost. Just remember only one manufacture coupon per item so if you combine be
sure you have the same amount of items as coupons.

6. Shop Sales with Gift Card
. Keep your eyes open for sales with incentives as gift cards for
products. For example Target often times has if you buy 2 jumbo packs get a $5
gift card or similar to that Toys R Us does the same.

7. Write Baby Companies.
Often times they will send you coupons. You can find some at Gerber.com,
Huggies.com, Pampers.com, Carter.com

8. Exchange Clothes and
. Swap clothes and Baby items with other mothers. Find other
mothers with kids around your children’s ages both older and younger and see if
they would be interested in exchanging clothes. This blesses everyone since
kids outgrow clothes quickly and can get some more great use out of them.

9. Clothing Exchanges. Look
for clothing exchanges and carry around an index card with your kids sizes and
projected sizes for the next couple of seasons. Check with churches or Social
Service bulletins, You don’t have to be in a certain financial bracket to
participate in clothing exchanges.

10. Always Buy Big. Always
buy Big for each season so they have room to grow. Be sure to keep a couple of
items that are their exact size but it’s better to have larger clothes than to
tight, especially in winter!

11. Shop B1G1 Sales. Always
keep a watch out for B1G1 sales so you can use B1G1 coupons or 2 $ off coupons
to make a good deal.

12. Yard Sales and Thrift Shops
are a Blessing
. Don’t be afraid to buy at yard sales or Thrift Shops. You
can find High Priced hardly worn clothing or almost new furniture depending on
your area. In order to save money you have to shop around. If you really need to
save and you don’t have much this is a good option but please be aware of the
prices in your area. A $2 used pair of shorts from Goodwill is not a good deal
if you can shop for next year’s items on the clearance rack at Kohl’s that mark
items as low as $1.28 per item at the end of the seasons.

13. End of the Season Sales.
Look for Clothing Sales at the end of the season and use shopper Rewards like
Kohl’s Cash or gift coupons to buy items. Sign up with stores like Kohl’s or JC
Penney for coupons, and other promotions delivered to your inbox or mail box.
It’s always a nice surprise when you get a $10 off a $10 purchase coupon.

14. Sign-up with parenting sites.
One great place to get freebies Planning Family that
offers free baby samples and great articles, Another is Babytobee.com which
offers free items to mothers and fathers to be.

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