$100 Moolala: Bargain Network Back To School Giveaway


Moolala is sharing the “moola” with us to give away $100 cash to one lucky reader!
For those of you that haven’t heard, allow me to introduce you to Moolala
Moolala offers a deal from a local or online merchant every day. Each deal will save you 50-90% off retail. The big difference is between this deal site and all the others is that not only can you save money, you can make money!! Here is how it works:
They pay you 2% of the deal value on any purchase you make. Then, if you refer friends, they pay you 2% of the deal value your friends buy. Then, you’ll also receive 2% on any deal your friends’ friends purchase, and your friends’ friends’ friends purchase, and your friends’ friends’ friends’ friends purchase. It’s a 2% 5-level rewards system. THIS IS NOT one-time referral fees. As long as people in your PayMatrix are buying deals, they will keep paying you – FOREVER!!
Sounds sweet, right? Now on to the giveaway..
* MANDATORY ENTRY: Please note that you HAVE to sign up for a FREE account with Moolala to be qualified for this giveaway.

Thank you to Carolina Couponer for acquiring this awesome giveaway!

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