10 Ways to Save on Thanksgiving Dinner

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10 ways to save on Thanksgiving Dinner

1. Plan early and set a theme, budget, expectation. To begin to save you need to understand what you hope your thanksgiving dinner is going to be like. Be realistic about your budget.

2. Make a list of what you need. While you make a budget jot down the items you need and what you have, this will help you get a better picture of how to set your budget.

3. Make a list of what you need to do. If you understand what you need to do to accomplish your desired thanksgiving dinner this will help you get a good understanding how long it will take you to accomplish it all and help from spending money irrationally as we all sometimes do when we get stressed and overwhelmed.

4. Shop early. Halloween is over so now is the best time to pick up tableware that can be used for your thanksgiving feast at clearance prices. Be creative and use your imagination on how you can utilize Halloween items for thanksgiving.

5. Shop clearance. After thanksgiving most of the fall/ harvest items will be around 75 percent off so think of next year and some of those staple items.

6. Shop sales. I know this is not the best to say but often stores will run extreme sales on turkey znd thanksgiving dinner items the week of thanksgiving but you run a huge risk waiting this long to prepare for your dinner so I don’t recommend it but it is a great way to save on items.

7. Look for disposable and reusable items make the cleanup easier. It may not be ideal but if you are serving a large group of people especially kids then the easier clean up may be a better time and money saver for you.

8. Have guests pitch in by bring something. A quick way to cut the dinner cost down is have each guest bring an item to contribute to the meal or deviations this way no one family is footing the cost for the full meal.

9. Shop Dollar stores. Family dollar and Dollar General are great places to start and they take coupons. Dollar trees are another great place to shop really inexpensively and for great items.

10. Shop end of season clearance. I’ve touched base on this but it’s worth mentioning again. Think of the items you can use from Halloween that can be used for thanksgiving and thanksgiving items you can use for Christmas. Better yet if you have a birthday party to plan coming up think of what you can use available now for those events. Take into consideration your storage ability because a large part of your savings will come from your ability to save and store for later use.

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