10 Ways to save on Halloween

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10 Ways to save on Halloween

1. Set a Budget. The most important thing you can do for yourself and your family is set a realistic budget. Only you know what your finances are like and only you know what you can afford. Don’t get trapped into spending more than you can afford. Make sure to let your family know exactly can be afforded for their costumes, decorations, cost of activities if any and candy.

2. Use Coupons to Buy Candy. You would be surprise how much candy you can afford when you use coupons. I’d say that buying generic candies may save you a tons but when you consider there are coupons on the more well known candy you can afford them just the same! Shop around and be sure to compare prices. Be sure to check every week and plan ahead.

3. Reuse Halloween baskets. If you do by Halloween baskets store them for future years to come when you are done for the night of trick or treating. There is no reason why you should buy a new one each year if you the one you have is perfectly fine.

4. Use Plastic Grocery bags or Reusable Grocery bags. Don’t spend a fortune on the Halloween stash bag. Just about everyone has a plastic grocery bag and if you have switched to reusable canvas bags use those it’s unlikely you will be shopping when your kids are trick or treating!

5. Hand out Toothbrushes you got Free! Instead of handing out candies to kids hand out toothbrushes you get from using your $.50 coupons that double combined with a $1 sale toothbrush. Many parents would appreciate it.

6. Save and Reuse old decorations. It’s a pain but it can save a lot of money. When you do buy Halloween decorations take care of them and take the time to take them down properly. Remove any tape or stapes. Use ziploc bags to hold and separate plastic spiders, confetti, paper products, and any decorations that can be stored and put away for the following year. Consider this an unnecessary expense for years to come. So take care of the decorations you buy and reuse for future years.

7. Swap Costumes with Friends and Neighbors. Save costumes from the previous years and ask your friends, family and neighbors to join you in swap old costumes to use for your children. Don’t let those old costumes go to waste and get more use out of them. Consider donating them to families with younger children than yours.

8. Make your own Costumes. Use your imagination and the internet to your advantage. Search for ideas of ways to reuse other clothing items to make your costume. Saves time on sewing! Be sure to plan ahead because it can be time consuming. Utilize old costumes and make them into new ones!

9. Handout the candy yourself.  When handing out the candy or goodies hand them out yourself instead of letting the door bell ringers reach in and get a handful. This way it will conserve your stash. Be sure to turn off the outside light when you run out! Nothing is more frustrating to kids or embarrassing to adults when the candy runs out and you have more trick or treaters.

10. Buy on Clearance. Wait till Wal-mart or Kmart or any other store near you that sells Halloween Costumes go on clearance and I’m not just talking 50% I’m talking about the 75%-95% off that comes about 2-3wks after Halloween. Yes everything is pretty much picked thru but this is the best time to buy costumes for less than $3 on bigger sizes for years to come.

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