10 ways to organize your kids bedroom

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10 ways to organize your kids bedroom

1. Closets. Be wise with your closet space. Use the hanging organizers to have more storage use shelving units add more areas to use. Use the back of the doors to hangs items.

2. Toy boxes. If you need an inexpensive way for toy boxes get the plastic storage containers for $5 it beans the $20 plus toy boxes and works just as good.

3. Shelves. Use shelves to display special toys as well as items that belong in the child’s room.

4. Drawers.  Get section dividers or make your own but be wise about what belongs in each drawer.

5. Hooks. Use hooks behind doors in closets or even from the ceiling to hold coats, scarfs, toys and much more, a great way to decluttering the floor and keep organized.

6. Under the bed. You can find many containers that fit perfectly under beds to which you can store winter or summer clothing or even sentimental items. Just be sure you pack neatly and keep organized. Also be sure label to make it easier to find items.

7. Behind the door. There are all kinds of different door organizers that are great for kids rooms and to keep smaller items organized.

8. Bookshelves. Bookshelves don’t just have to be for books you can also use to display toys or other impotent items to have in the kids room like a piggy bank.

9. Hampers. There are many theme looking hampers that are not sore to the eye but are very practical to any kids room.

10. Have a place for everything. Most importantly if you don’t have a place for everything on your childs room then you need to consider what needs to be gotten rid of or stored elsewhere. Also if you store other

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