10 Ways to Organize your Bathroom

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Ways to organize a bathroom
1. Take inventory. First take inventory of what you have and what you use. To stay on top of your stockpile regardless of size be aware of your space and how long it takes you to go thru each item. This takes time but so worth it in the long run.

2. Take out what doesn’t belong. Put everything that doesn’t belong in the bathroom in a basket to sort later or if you are really ambitious put everything away where it belongs in the rest of the house. The key to organizing any room is getting rid of what doesn’t belong there.

3. Toss what is smelly, yucky or not being used. If you have items you have not used in a year get rid of it and if it’s still usable donate the item or give it away to a friend who will use it. It goes without saying if it is smelly or yucky toss it in the trash NOW.

4. Utilize baskets and shelves. If you have a stockpile store it wisely in baskets or containers. Keep it organized so you know when to replace as needed. If you live in an older home you probably have cupboards like mine that are tall but no shelf so a great alternative is to get the metal shelf racks that connect to each other, use to put in the cupboard and get more storage space. These can be found at Walmart and Target.

5. Use hanging baskets, shower shelves, shower faucet shelves. If you don’t have drawers or cupboards consider getting hanging baskets to hang from the ceiling and put your items in it. Get the hanging shelves you can add to the back of the shower faucet. Another great addition you can do is get the self stick shelves you can add to the corners of the shower.

6. Keep the toilet paper within reach and visible. If you have guests over often then don’t hide the toilet paper. The worst thing being a guest in a house when using the bathroom is using the last of the toilet paper roll and not being able to easily access it. Have it displayed on the back of your toilet or in a basket nearby. Also keep pullups or diapers in a basket on the back of the toilet. If you have potty training kids like me and are getting away from a changing table this is a great alternative.

7.Use trays to organize drawers. You can either use sandwich bags to put your loose feminine products or bandaids, q-tips, etc; but a great way to stay organized is keep your daily used makeup and hair items in a tray you can easy put in a drawer or under the sink. This will help keep your drawers from becoming yucky and dirty.

8. Medicine cabinets. This is obvious but be careful if your kids are young and climb like mine then it’s best to put medication somewhere else. Also take into account if you have a medicine cabinet be aware that your guests are very likely to open it and take a quick look to see what you have! So don’t put anything in it that may be embarrassing.

9. Door drops, hooks, and shower caddies. Door drops to go on the backside of the door are a great way for storage if you are limited on storage space. Use hooks for towels and bathrobes to create more space for storage.  Use shower caddies to hold all your shower gear. These are quick and easy ways to store if you are limited on space.

10. Cover the sink. Get an old shower curtain or window curtain that matches the color of your bathroom and get the two sided stick tape and add it to your sink if you don’t have a cupboard sink. Make sure to utilize the space under it for your stockpile!

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