10 ways to keep your kids busy during the Holiday Break

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Its almost time for kids to be on break. Hope these help you keep them busy!

1. Do a winter cleaning/organization. Why not? Be sure to throw out any broken or old Christmas decorations no longer usable or damaged.

2. Create Holiday Yard Decorations. Take large pieces of cardboard and create big letters like “JOY” and add glitter. You can also use red pool noodles and add white ribbon like a candy cane and use fishing wire to keep the shape of candy canes. Create two and add the together and put a huge big bow on it.

3. Volunteer to Read to Toddlers at Library. Take your kids down to the local library and have them volunteer to read during the toddle story time.

4. Volunteer to help Senior Neighbors. Help with gift wrapping and taking care of their pets like walking the dog or playing with the cat.

5. Bake Goodies for Neighbors. Teach your kids to bake or if they are toddlers help them bake some goodies to take to the neighbors and wrap them up with some ribbon.

6. Christmas Caroling. The whole family can enjoy a night of Christmas Caroling on Christmas eve or even Christmas Evening.

7. Volunteer time at a Retirement Center/Assisted Living. There are many seniors who are all alone and have no family. Go spend some time reading or hanging out with them and talk with them. Have them just sit and listen it will be heart whelming for them.

8. Yard Maintenance for Neighbors. If it hasn’t started snowing there still may need to be some wracking leaves. Have the kids help wrack and bag up the leaves.

9. $10/Coupon Challenge. Challenge your kids to take $10 and coupons and purchase items for a basket to donate to their local Food Pantry.

10. Adopt a Family. Have them pick a family to put a basket together for New Years full with goodies from handmade items to health and beauty products. Have the kids deliver the gift basket to the family they adopt. Teach them to give to others regardless if they receive.

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