10 Way to Organize your Living Room

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10 Ways to Organize your Living Room

1. Keep it simple. Purge if you don’t have the room. The key to staying organized is having less stuff to have to organize.

2. Use baskets. For the items you do want to keep use baskets to store, for example: magazines or books. Have a basket for your knitting supplies and so forth.

3. Store DVDs. You may need to purge or find alternative storage if you only have room for 20 DVDs then only keep 20 DVDs.

4. Bookshelves. If you have bookshelves in your living room use them wisely, for instance if you have
kids you will want a section for their books as well. You can also use baskets on the shelves to store items.

5. Cover tables. Get some fabric or premade end table clothes to drape over end tables that don’t have shelves and use underneath to store items like a knitting kit or old but goody magazines, whatever is your hobby get creative and make those designated places for them.

6. Remove what doesn’t belong. This should be a given but we all know there are places like the living room which are hot spots that collect clutter and items that don’t belong so make an effort to remove non-belonging items each day.

7. Remove trash. This goes without saying if you want your living room organized then take out all the trash.

8. Storage benches. If you have extra room that you can artfully add storage benches near windows or a play/ activity area, utilize the storage in the benches to store those activity items done in the living room.

9. Shoe racks/jacket hooks. Utilize the area you have and use shelf jacket hooks to hold all jackets plus be a decorative addition to the room.  Hanging shoe racks or floor racks help keeping those shoes organized and you don’t have to be searching all over the house. Help give your kids a routine to stick to if they know where to put their shoes as they come into the home.

10. Shelves. Find decorative wall shelves that will match the theme of the room and place your nik nacks or books that you want in the room for easy access.

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