10 Inexpensive Holiday Crafts to do with Kids

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10 inexpensive holiday crafts to do with kids

1. Make Christmas cards.

What a great way to give personal Christmas cards to family members from your kids. They don’t have to be perfect when made from the heart but if you have small kids having all the part precut and ready to glue makes it a whole lot easier.

2. 25 days till Christmas Chain.

You can use any colors but my favorite for Christmas is red, green and white. Cut them into 1inch strips of equal length. With kids I found if you have them put all of one color glued in circles and then add the other colors to connect makes it easier and less stressful.

3. String Popcorn Christmas Tree Swag.

Make sure to pop enough popcorn that you can eat it to! This is harder than it looks. I do not recommend letting kids use the thread and needle but have them hand you the pieces of popcorn as you thread the pieces. Please use caution and do not use hot popcorn let it cool down first.


4. Christmas tree ornaments.

You can create all kinds of ornaments using felt or even used clothes like the back pockets of worn out jeans. Just be sure to add a string so you can hang your creations to the tree!


5. Christmas magnet picture frames. Take a picture of your kids individually you can print at home or even at walgreens for about 15 cents or less each then take cardstock or felt sheets and cut strips to make a frame around the photos. Get magnet sheets at your local craft store or walmart and cut a couple of pieces to put on the back and glue them with a hot glue gun or crazy glue please be careful if you are doing this with kids please do not let them use the glue gun or crazy glue.

6. Letters to Santa.

If your kids are to small to write you can still help them write a letter to Santa. You will need paper, pen and an envelope. You can make an event of it by driving to the closest Macy’s or post office and letting them pit it in the mailbox themselves.


7. Popsicle stick star ornament. Take 5 popsicle sticks and glue them in the shape of a star. Add a string so it can hang and let the kids decorate them with colors and glitter.


8. Beaded candy canes.

Use pipe cleaners, white works best. Get red and white beads of the same size and put them on the pipe cleaner alternating colors and bend into the shape of candy canes. Make sure to knot the ends so they don’t fall apart. If you don’t have beads or you have very little kids you can just use red and white pipe cleaners and wrap them around each other.


9. Go Big!

Here is a Fun and messy craft to do with kids. Select a word like “Joy” and get cardboard and draw the letters making them the same height if you have a projector you can make the letters smaller and trace them bigger on your board or you can go with the inventive way of using a flashlight and projecting the image to the wall! After you make your big letters cut them out and now the fun begins! Get glitter and lots of glue. Glue the front of the letters and smooth out the glue and let the glitter sprinkle. Please use plastic bags or larger paper underneath so you can pick up the glitter easier! Also if you are hanging these don’t forget to add the string to the back.

10. Paper Snowflakes.

One of the easiest but most challenging crafts to do with kids is create paper snowflakes. Fold white paper in half and half again and start cutting. If your kids are too small to cut have them give you directions on where to cut. Be sure to use child safe scissors and educate them how to handle scissor and how to correctly hand them to a person.

Hope you enjoyed these homemade holiday crafts to do with kids.

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